Posted by: hagengreen | January 30, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things: Books

  • Kindle – I read more than ever now, and the screen looks just like paper. I can browse magazines, newspapers, books, and download free samples at any time. If you tell me about a book now, I’ll have it seconds later. As I read, I just highlight a word to get its definition from the built-in dictionary. I can also take notes and capture quotes for later reference. For those of you that wear glasses, wear them no more. You can make the font on the screen bigger to fit your needs. The Kindle doesn’t work well for reference-style books where you may be inclined to flip around instead of read linearly.
  • Emperor of all Maladies – A fascinating presentation of the history of cancer, the science (for a layman), and how we progressed to where we are today. Mukherjee makes it all so easy to understand in colorful language that not only captures our attention but offers a broad educational lesson in oncology. If you don’t know what oncogenes and tumor suppressors are, this book is a must read so you can understand the ins and outs, the triumphs and the sorrows, and the today and future of the biggest killer of our time.
  • Born to Run – Runner or not, this true story is a motivational and inspiring tale about a man’s adventure to live his life amongst the people that embody what he loves most. I have met Mica True in person, the main character of the book. He is such a kind and compassionate man – a bit different than the expectation set by the book. Bigfoot Ted was also there – yes, the man who ran the ultra marathon in the 100 degree Mexican desert with sandals. These guys are my heroes – I think of them when I’m on a long run and still have a long way to go.
  • The Whole Soy Story – As many of you know, I dropped all meat from my diet over 2 years ago with the occasional fish – (yeah, pescatarian). With this transition, however, came an increase in soy consumption. While in Port Townsend (of all places), I saw a sign in an “all natural” coffee shop that explained why they didn’t serve soy. I was curious, and my curiosity led me to this book. While it’s an eye opener, it’s not a game changer. As the reviewers of the book on Amazon convey: anything in excess can be harmful to health; moderation is key. The biggest change in my diet is cutting all soymilk consumption; soy-free Almond milk is my new best friend. Anyway, back to the book: it goes into a lot of depth that sometimes put me to sleep, but it makes my “favorite things” list because it left an impact on my life and what I put in my body.

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