Posted by: hagengreen | October 23, 2010

Living Efficiently – the energy company compares our greenness

Green is all the rage these days. Even the local utility service has (finally) stepped up. They’ve decided to step in (or rather create) the green game by sharing what they know about you and your neighbors. Welcome the “Home Energy Report” by Puget Sound Energy. Perhaps the “Home Energy Competition” is a more appropriate title. They measure your use of electricity and natural gas compared to neighbors in the same area with approximately the same size homes. I love the idea – game theory is a sure fire way to kick off a healthy competition. However I have my criticisms: (1) there’s no incentive to do better than your neighbors beyond paying a smaller bill and (2) they sent me a PAPER report, what happened to the green delivery of email (which is my current statement preference)? Kill a tree and save a watt. Com’on guys.

I got a kick out of this report. Everyone else must be turning on their furnaces when it’s 60F outside and take many very hot baths. Nevertheless, this report is quite telling about why our resources are so constrained and prices keep going up. Note the date range is the two month period between August (which is the warmest month of the year) and the end of September. I can’t wait until January so I can really put my neighbors to the test!

So what did I win? At least I felt it was generous of PSE to reward me with two smiley faces.



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