Posted by: hagengreen | October 8, 2010

Break the mold! Rethinking boxed wine: it’s all about brand

I’m sipping this fine 2009 Pinot Grigio from California. It has aromas of sweet fruit, a backdrop of oak, perhaps a pinch of cherry, and a cool, light finish. What am I drinking? Take a look at this… surprised?


Yeah, me too. I bought it because I was intrigued by the ideas on the back of the box. Here are 10 reasons, from the back of the box, why you should choose Bandit:

  1. Because it tastes good. (Hagen’s take: yes, in fact, it actually does.)
  2. 33% more wine compared to a bottle. (Hagen’s take: more is good, especially when it comes to wine. I’m not complaining.)
  3. Lower shipping weight = Less fuel emissions. (Hagen’s take: I ride my bike everywhere. What do you think?)
  4. 96% wine, 4% packaging. (Hagen’s take: did you see my comment from #3?)
  5. No corked wine. (Hagen’s take: Cork is a rare and rapidly depleting resource. Do we REALLY need it that bad?)
  6. Wine to go-go. (Hagen’s take: I never really thought about wine “on-the-go”, but hey, why not?)
  7. 1 truckload of empty Bandit cartons = 26 truckloads of empty glass. (Hagen’s take: it’s sad how many natural resources and waste wine bottles have caused our world. Very sad indeed.)
  8. Made largely of renewable resources. (Hagen’s take: ok, these guys are really starting to drill in this message. I get it.)
  9. You can toss it in your cooler. (Hagen’s take: yes, literally, I can. That’s cool, but haven’t actually tried it yet. Sometime, I’m sure.)
  10. You can crush it on your forehead when you’re done. (Hagen’s take: why isn’t this #1?! Really now, this is the BEST part! In fact, I’m just about to try it out…)


If you’re wondering why I bought this boxed wine, it’s simple: brand. And what it stands for. The people behind this wine want to change a business that’s at least a hundred years old. Why change when it’s been working? Just because it’s been the same for the last hundred years doesn’t mean it’s been right all along! This boxed wine attempts to turn things upside down. If you are close your eyes and judge the wine itself, you will find it to be a very nice wine. Middle of the pack. But the price and your carbon footprint shrink at the same time. And things taste better when you know you’ve made the right decision.

What age-old things do you use but really aren’t practical nor sustainable in the long run? They’re everywhere. Now go brand your idea while I crush this wine box against my head.



  1. Target has some great boxed wine. They even have it in the traditional “juice packs” with straws. Great for outdoor concerts and those types of events!

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