Posted by: hagengreen | September 29, 2010

Bombshell: Contador a druggie… and suspended from pro cycling?

It was announced today, that a blood sample tested positive for clenbuterol – a decongestant/asthma medication; also found in some meat as it’s given to animals for better growth. The sample must have tested positive months ago during or just after the Tour, however this news just recently released.

Contador’s immediate response was he must have eaten contaminated food. Hmmm… Right.

What happens next? Contador is scheduled to talk tomorrow. Then the media will toss this around a bit and public statements will no doubt be made. Contador can request that a “B” sample also be tested. If that sample also tests positive, UCI will sentence him to a 2 year suspension. Should a separate positive drug test arise, Contador can be suspended for life.

In the end, it’s a(nother) very sad day for cycling. I’m angry the sport gets this kind of attention at least a few times year after year. The fact that we’re still seeing top Tour riders amass drug charges is unfortunate.

Come on guys. Get clean. Play fair. If you can’t pedal harder and faster than the guy next to you, then live up to it.


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