Posted by: hagengreen | August 16, 2010

WP7 Games are going to rock

As many of you know, I work on the Windows Phone team at Microsoft. I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world to have a job that I absolutely love: to design the software on the phone itself. I’m extremely fortunate to not only define the cutting edge every day, but I get to work with others who do the same and share our passion for making the best smartphone in the world.

Fresh news just in: check out this review of the Windows Phone gaming story. Not only do the games look cool – watch the videos – but the Xbox Live integration is so slick! Look at what you can do with your avatar! I still can’t believe we can do these 3D renderings on a phone. Welcome to the new generation phone platform! We just announced the details to the public today.

If you’re considering an iPhone, I ask you to please reconsider and wait just a little longer. You’ll be very happy you waited. Even if you aren’t a game person, rest assured you’ll be quite pleased at what Windows Phone has to offer.



  1. There’re still lot of good games from indies developer which is not listed 😦

    And notice reviewer complain of long loading !

    perhaps developers still load all contents on

    protected override void LoadContent()
    xna tutorial must do some guide regarding that method..

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