Posted by: hagengreen | August 13, 2010

Fixie hardcore, eh? 10 Telltale Signs

You think you’re a hardcore fixie cyclist. Really? I’ve come up with a list of 10 things to check yourself against. How do you add up?

  1. You prefer to ride your $600 steel fixie over your $5000 carbon road bike.
  2. You love every minute of hitting big bumps, dropping off curbs, and tossing your fixie around like it’s a wild bronco.
  3. Your buddies were on mountain bikes on an off road trail when you thought you’d try out the fixie with fatter tires.
  4. You ride rain, shine, and sleet. You ride when the general public is scared to drive.
  5. When you take a hard corner, you can feel the tip of your pedal just barely tapping the ground on each stroke.
  6. You try not to use your front brake and you brag about bombing some huge downhill without ever tapping the lever. (Ok, if you don’t have a brake you win.)
  7. Grocery shopping consists of loading the fixie with panniers as well as using bungies for the things that don’t fit.
  8. You can balance at a stop light without putting down a foot.
  9. You’ve worn down your front chain ring and rear cog and had to replace them.
  10. You crashed hard on your fixie and were out for several months. Yet you can’t wait to get back on.

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