Posted by: hagengreen | May 24, 2010

Funny moment of the day

I realize I build up too much of a need to write and then let it all out in relatively large posts. Here’s an attempt for a short one and a dash of humor for a Monday.

I started my new job today as a Program Manager in the Phone team. I lost my window office and large locker room for an interior office and smaller locker room, but gained my next dream job. I had physical therapy this morning and then went out to lunch with a bunch of my folks from my and a peer’s teams. At the end, they chanted “speech, speech, speech” so I took a few minutes to give them parting words, how much we learned together, and the great accomplishments we left in our wake. Sad, but refreshingly finalizing. Anyway, I ended up starting the first day of my new job at 2pm. Oh well, so much for a first full day.

I stopped by the recruiting building to say hi to Jaime now that we’re physically located near each other. I swung by the john and got a kick out of the new survival basket of amenities sitting on the counter. It’s never been there before. I felt like I was in a sleazy night club – all that was missing was some greasy-haired guy handing me a paper towel and expecting a buck in return.

IMAG0163 IMAG0164

In the basket is hair spray, hair gel, a Costco size box of Q-Tips, Nyquil, breath mints, Halls, a lint remover, and a black comb (under the lint remover). The “For Candidates” sign made it clear I should stay away. Easy enough for me!

Hope you had a Happy Monday.


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