Posted by: hagengreen | April 2, 2010

Heads down, arms up, & a sandy beach away

Hi there, long time no talk! Yes, I know, I’m going on nearly 3 weeks of still silence. I’m breaking the monotony with a quick post on what’s been keeping me away from my love to share my writing with you.

  • The Darn Arm
    I got the splint off a week after surgery. I was feeling great despite a weak arm and wrist. The doc left me with a removable arm brace (woo, no cast!) and told me to work on range-of-motion exercises. So what did I do? I worked on range of motion consistently. Basically anytime I thought about my arm, I was moving it around, thinking I’m accelerating the process to get normalcy back into my life. It was feeling better, so I started typing with it. I also used my bad hand for light tasks like folding shirts or tying laces. Never felt pain and was always careful. Just yesterday marked the 2 week mark since surgery. And just yesterday I noticed my hand isn’t less swollen than the week before. A call to the nurse and 15 minutes later, I learn my overly ambitious wrist exercising is causing more aggravation – aka swelling – than anything positive. I also learn swelling is the primary reason for lack of range of motion. Wonderful. So I take the wheel and turn it hard right for a dramatic change of course: stop using the hand altogether, keep it elevated, and I’m even doing hot/cold therapy. I’ve noticed my wrist and arm moving in a better direction just in the last 24 hours. More isn’t always better!
  • Job Hunt
    What? You didn’t hear? It’s not as big as it sounds. Really. I’m making a move within my company. It’s an exciting time but a heavy time investment. It’s an involved process where you talk to people, present your resume, and interview with 4 or 5 people for a grill session. I’ll let you know where I end up landing. I probably won’t have an answer for you until May. Ok, let me stop the rumors early: I love my current team. Look at this move as realigning my job to go through certain experiences for my long term (10+ year) plan. I’ll explain some other time (when I get my hand back!).
  • The Getaway
    There’s this place called Mexico. Great place to escape, especially when my cell phone charges 0.002 cents per kilobyte of data. (I used 335 Mb last month = 335,000 Kb … 0.002 * 335,000 = $670!!!) Cell phones aside, we’re heading to Cabo in a few weeks to take a break. Cabo Wabo, anyone?

Have a great weekend!


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