Posted by: hagengreen | February 8, 2010

The Stair-Stepper Bicycle?

I found this bike unlocked and sitting up against a fence in a residential community in downtown Santa Barbara. Tires were flat, but otherwise the bike was in OK shape. Check out the crank, chain, and how it drives the rear wheel. Neato.

I’ve learned this system is called Alenax Transbar. I found a site that talks about it here: The bike of the future, eh? Apparently the former owner of the bicycle I found didn’t think so!

IMAG0209 IMAG0210 IMAG0211



  1. This is great! I get so tired pedaling ALL THE WAY around, but here you only have to pedal half as much! Brilliant! I’m getting one for my next Ironman!

    You should have grabbed… probably worth something… or you could have converted it to a fixie. Imagine going down Zoo with those things flying up and down?!

  2. I like the fixie conversion idea! Then just clip on aero bars and we’re all set for the next Ironman! I wonder if they make those cranks for a unicycle…

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