Posted by: hagengreen | January 18, 2010

LCD Problem on my new computer

I recently bought a new computer: an all-in-one (AIO) MSI Wind Top AE2220. It’s a great machine with multi-touch, a beautiful screen, and all the bells-and-whistles as a media center with TV input and full HD capability. Check out the great review from Engadget:

I unboxed the computer late on Thursday evening, right before some family came into town. I had about 15 minutes to play with it on Thursday. Maybe an hour on Friday, and another hour on Saturday. On Sunday, the screen showed a one-pixel wide vertical blue line in the left-fifth of the screen. It was very obvious when the machine turned on – thanks to the black boot screen. Lighter colors make it harder to see. With white on top of the line it’s nearly impossible to see, however you can still see other parts of the vertical line where the screen isn’t white. In the pictures below, you can see how grey really makes the line obvious, yet it doesn’t appear over the white parts.

I really love the machine. It’s very fast compared to what I’m used to, the media capabilities are amazing, and the screen quality is fabulous, as well as the accuracy and smoothness of touch in Windows 7. The AIO form factor is nicely done, and the remote control that comes with it is great for couch surfing through Media Center. And the speakers in this thing are super loud and crisp; almost sound like Bose.

I really hope this screen problem is a manufacturing snafu that wasn’t caught because it required the screen to be on for several hours. On the bright side, MSI was very responsive with my inquiry and immediately sent me an RMA number. Now let’s see how fast they can get it back to me.

IMAG0189 IMAG0190 IMAG0191

UPDATE (1/31/10): the Erie Computer Company has been wonderful through this process. They gave me three options: (1) refund, (2) send in old machine and then they’ll send me a new one, or (3) they send me a new one and then I send in the old one. They paid for all shipping. The only catch is option 3 where they charge you again for the new computer, but then they credit the same amount once they receive the scarred machine. Thankfully option 3 was even available! I cut up the box a day after I initially received the computer because I had company coming that night into town and wanted to just put it in recycling. Now I can ship the old machine back in the new box. Did I say they paid for all shipping? Wonderful customer service on their end. A++.


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