Posted by: hagengreen | December 31, 2009

Moving away from Windows Live/Spaces/Blogs

Is it Windows Live Blogs, or Live Spaces? Or MSN Spaces? Or Live Blogs? Whatever it is, it didn’t work very well. Here’s a quick list of gripes:

  • Permalinks are UGLY (!990CB8D3C96EA0E8!689.entry) and NOT editable
  • No easy access to an RSS feed link
  • Neither Bing nor Live Search would index content on my blog
  • Live Writer takes a long time, several minutes, to publish to my space. I’m not uploading many images, either.
  • No categories or quick/bulk editing of blog metadata.
  • I’ve noticed nobody else is using Live Spaces/Blogs.

So off I go… to try WordPress. I prefer to keep my business away from Google as much as possible, anyway. We’ll see how this goes.

First impressions:

  • Quick, easy, and painless to create an account and get going.
  • WordPress does not import from Live Spaces/Blogs.
  • I could easily copy/paste my blog entries into the WordPress web editor. Even the images made their way over. Yay!
  • Quick Edit and Bulk Edit rocks.
  • I can backdate my entries. Awesome.
  • This web editor is geeky and gives me control, which I love. Yet it’s still just a run-of-the-mill editor. I plan on trying richer offerings shortly.
  • For those of us with the nervous habit, Ctrl+S saves a draft in the web editor.

And I did everything I’ve mentioned in nearly 20 minutes (incl this post) before leaving from Carmel Valley to head up to San Francisco to spend New Year’s eve with friends. I’m lovin’ it.

Happy New Year!



  1. Just made the move, although I was forced to by the Windows Live Spaces team. Thanks for listing the reasons you moved. I should have used this in my post documenting my move today.

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