Posted by: hagengreen | December 4, 2009

A treat on a cold morning

It’s just below freezing here near Lake Washington. It’s a bit colder than usual this time of year. Despite the bone chill, the view this morning is spectacular.

IMAG0042  IMAG0043  IMAG0044

I’ve been cycling the last few days which is fine if you’re dressed right. The keys are to layer and cover all skin. And then get spinning to get warm quickly. Watch for ice.

I’m getting ready to run into work this morning. It’s been at least a month since I’ve run in, but I’ve been doing at least one long run over the weekend to whet my appetite for fast 2-legged travel. Jaime and I were at an event in Seattle last night, so we were out late and then took the bus back. Driving home at 10pm in near freezing weather isn’t so bad. I guess that’s why God invented cars. I left the bike at work, so I’ll be hauling it home this evening.

I’ve been meaning to inject some news and opinions into my blog. I’ll start out quick and light today as my time is limited for this entry which continues to expand in breadth of topics. Some good news on the job front: the jobless rate dropped from 10.2 to 10 per cent according to the latest data from November. What’s even more amazing is the absolute number of cut jobs from last month: 11,000. Just a couple months ago weren’t we losing 500,000 a month? The drop is significant and tells me pieces of the world economy that are recovering have finally come full circle and main street is starting to benefit. While I don’t know how many folks got off of unemployment as well as those who are so-called underemployed, which is the other half of the picture, at least the unemployment piece that the media focuses so intently on is finally showing green shoots.

We have another event in Seattle this evening, so yet a second late night coming up. I hope everyone’s looking forward to a relaxing weekend, I know I am. Enjoy, and be safe out there.


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